Full Facial Treatment includes mask application (revitalizing mask), facial massage to tone up facial muscles, vacuuming, laser- toning, extraction/ deep facial cleansing to reveal a fresher, cleaner & smoother skin. Procedure can be done once a month and takes about an hour. 


For better results, add-on sheet masks are available:

Anti-Acne Green Tea

Brightening Lemon

Soothing Aloe Vera

Anti-Aging Collagen  


If you’re looking for an effective and relaxing anti-acne way to treat acne or fight the signs of aging, go for our Bella Mask Treatment. 


This Light Emitting Diode Therapy — popular with Hollywood celebrities — is pain-free and can be used with different light color settings for different concerns: 


  • Red Light setting- rejuvenates the skin through boosting collagen production, perfect for anti-aging.
  • Blue Light setting- clears the skin from acne-causing bacterias, making it a good anti-acne treatment and maintenance.


A localized acne treatment procedure which involves injections of a very small amount of intralesional costisone (steroid) to reduce the pain, swelling and redness of cystic acne. 


Intralesional corticosteroid injections combat severely inflamed nodulocystic acne to prevent the occurrence of deep-seated scarring. Atiny needle filled with diluted corticosteroid will be inserted directly into each nodule, or cyst, passing the drug through the skin’s surface and deep into a sub-epidermal reservoir. This allows a higher concentration of the drug to act directly on the site of infection where other oral acne medications can’t penetrate. Not only is the direct contact of the drug on the infected site effective but it also results in faster recovery. The procedure takes about 5 minutes 


An acne treatment system using LHE (Light & heat Energy) Technology that effectively clears inflammatory acne lesions in just 1/3 the time it takes for standard topical and oral treatments to do the same. 


A series of 8 treatments ( twice a week for 4 weeks) is all it takes to get back on the road to dramatically clearer, smoother, acne – free skin. The procedure is just simple and takes 10 minutes per session.  


Advanced Acne Light has no adverse side effects, discomfort, patient downtime or exposure to antibiotics. How Does Advance Acne Light (LHE) works? The green light penetrates into the skin and kills the propioni bacterium acne. The red light produces anti-inflammatory results. The heat opens up the pores and speeds up the chemical reaction. 



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