Honed with great depths of studies, experience and expertise both here and abroad, Dr. Nazal has established Clinica Dermatologica in 1985. To further her zeal for excellence, quality and beautifying, she carefully created a selection of tested product lines, procedures and centers to holistically cater to wellness and beauty enthusiast. 


To date, Nazal Clinica Dermatologica and YSA Skin and Body Experts are considered as one of the pioneers in the aesthetic medicine, well recognized in the beauty and wellness industry. Throughout the years, with a group of certified medical professionals and well trained skincare specialists behind, it has gained an array of clienteles through skin care, body treatments and aesthetic procedures using state of the art products, machines and technology.


With the passion to make people beautiful, happy and confident inside and out, Nazal Clinica Dermatologica and YSA Skin and Body Experts thrives to continue and provide quality, proven effective treatments and products to beautify and change lives all throughout the country.


To be the most trusted brand in health and beauty management in the Philippines and in Asia.


Offer products and services that allow men and women of all ages, with different skin care needs, to become the most beautiful version of themselves. A delightful customer service culture that makes them feel important and loved.



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